Healthcare Business

The HGST Health Insurance Association engages in a variety of healthcare businesses to promote better health of everyone.
Below is an introduction to the main HGST healthcare businesses for everyone to use as resources to manage health and prevent diseases.

Health Examinations
This section provides cost-related information on general health checkups, physical examinations, health examinations for a spouse, and optional testing. Please undergo a health checkup once each year to check the condition of your health.
Specific Health Checkups/
Specific Health Guidance
This section provides information on specific health checkups and guidance required for insured persons and dependents between the ages of 40 and 74. Please actively undergo the specific health checkups and follow any specific health guidance.
Data Health Plan
This section provides information on the data health plan drafted by the HGST Health Insurance Association for the purpose of analyzing health examinations, health insurance claims, and other such data in order to effectively and efficiently carry out its healthcare businesses.
Health Examination Results
This section provides information on the Health Examination Results System used to view results from physical examinations online as well as the data acquired from an analysis based on those results. Please use this information as a way to gain insight into the condition of your health and as a guide to future health management.
This section provides information on subsidies to cover the cost of influenza vaccinations.
Generic Medications
This section provides information about the difference in prices of generic medications in the statements of medical care costs published on the HGST Health Insurance Association website to encourage the active use of generic medications.
Health Insurance Service Options
This section provides information on the Health Insurance Service Options system under which insured persons can select and receive necessary services using Cafeteria Points.