Insured persons need to undergo procedures for a marriage when a name or address changes. In addition, procedures are required to add the new spouse as a dependent or even to remove a dependent who has married.

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Procedures Related to Marriage

Name change Promptly submit a Name Change Notification for Insured Person (Dependent) and attach the health insurance card. (Refer to the “Application Forms” page for information on where to submit application forms.)
The HGST Health Insurance Association issues a health insurance card after the name change based on the notice of change that is submitted.
*A notification to the HGST Health Insurance Association is required even if an insured person or dependent continues to use their maiden name at their company.
Adding a spouse as a dependent
Submit a Dependent Change Notification within five days.
*Attach required documents. Please check the documents list for the documents required for dependent certification below.
Necessary Attachments for Dependent Certification
Removing a dependent (family member)
as a dependent after marriage
Submit a Dependent Change Notification together with the health insurance card within five days.